The Artist Katharina Saltnes


Sommelier Ulrika, Westland Hotel.
Katharina Saltnes

Katharina Saltnes

- A great, but still unknown artist from Lindås

Katharina Saltnes (1862-1946) grew up at Saltnes in Lindås. At the age of  4  she suffered from polio and was crippled by this the rest of her life.   Despite her handicap,  she started carving in wood as a little girl, a work she loved an continued to do the rest of her life. She also did art work in marble.

You will find eight of her marble work in the Church of Lindås, and  a statue of this great artist is placed in the park beside the Church. There is also a  wall chart about Katharina in the reseption at Westland Hotel (in Norwegian)

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Katharina with one of her mugs
Two of her chairs
One og Katharina's detailed works
Marble work