The Old Sea Locks


Gardskjerringa Heidi, Spjeldnes Gard

The cultural heritage

Lindås Sea Locks

  • Ready for use in 1908

  • Was a consequence of scheduled passenger boats and the powerfull tidal flow that made it unpredictable to go in and out of the Lindås sea

  • Regular operation terminated in 1964 due to stronger boat engines that could handle the powerful flow.

  • Restoring of the gates was completed in 1913

  • Available only by boat

  • Owner: Coasting Administration

A funny consequence

Due to few and narrow in- and outlets from Lindås Sea, high and low tide are delayed by about 2,5 hours compared to the sea outside. This means that the flow through the Sea Locks is deleayed equvalent.

Under construction
From the good old days
An old passenger ship in the Lock Chamber 2013
The Sea Locks from West
Embarking nd disembarking
Today. The Sea Locks from West
Passenger boat in the Lock Chamber
The gates while closed
The Sea Locks from abowe Foto: Eilif Stene