The old Courthouse


Storfisken alle storfiskarane snakkar om?

The Old Courthouse

- is located in the old part of the village. It is a beautiful Swiss styled house from 1883, and today it is filled with different cultural activities. Owner: Lindås Municipality

Over the years, there has been a large and various amount of activities in this building.  From the start, the local bank, the municipal meetings and the county school were located here. After this, the house  has contained biblioteque, post office, several schools, Municipal Administration, rehearsal area for the brass band, second hand store and more.

Current activities:

1st floor: Lindås Scouts and Gallery Old Courthouse

2nd floor: Lindås Rock Workshop

If you like to visit The Old Court house and learn more about its story, please contact Elisabeth Tel 9060 0806 or mail.

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