Sopranen Margunn


About hundres years ago Lindås village was the center of a great part of the region, which today is devided into several municipalities. The sea was of course the main traffic artery and most of the inhabitants in the region were poor fishermen and farmers. In 1883 the Courthouse at Lindås was established with bank, county school and facilities for the municipal meetings. 

After a while, the different municipalities were established in the region, and the village Lindås became the administration center for Lindås Municipality. This lasted until the 1960's   when the administration was mooved to Knavik. At the same time the village started to grow due to the expansion at Mongstad, the oil refinery, which provided a lot of jobs.

Most of the buildings which housed important services in the village 100 years ago, are still in use. Today it is about 1300 inhabitants in the village Lindås.

More about the old center and the old Sea Locks.