Spjeldnes Farm


Butikkdame på Lindås

Spjeldnes Farm - Warm and unique

The Spjeldnes Farm is idyllically located on Spjeldnes and its history goes back several hundred years. There are no longer animals at the farm. Therefore the owners have created a unique facility in the old barn, suitable for parties, Exhibitions, seminar and celebrations. The barn is built in an old building tradition which goes all the way back to the vikings.  During restoration, the owners have preserved the old structure, which today is visible inside.

The unique atmosphere makes every event special, whether it is a wedding, a celebration or a seminar. Combined with delicious food from the kitchen, Spjeldnes Farm is a unique and tasty experience for every senses.

Pre-ordered Seminars and Celebrations. No drop-in.

Contact information

Contact: Heidi Hauge Spjeldnes

Tel: 4811 8683

Mail: post@spjeldnesgard.no

Website: spjeldnesgard.no